Investment grade analysis
of physical climate risk

XDI Platform

The XDI Platform brings together asset level data sets with extensive climate models to provide deep analysis of an organisation’s exposure to climate change and extreme weather risk.   Our online interactive platform provides powerful, on-demand, quantitative insights for decision makers, financial managers and investors.  From high level assessment to granular detail. From probabilities of failure to a business case for adaptation.  From 1990 until 2100.  By area, by asset, by business or by hazard.  XDI is your partner on the journey from risk to resilience.

Easy XDI

Self investigate climate vulnerability on any asset through a simple on-line user pays system


Build business cases with discounted cashflows and Net Present Value comparisons. Test adaptation actions and build adaptation pathways defined by multiple actions, timings and costs.

XDI Globe

Powerful, confidential data management and visualisation within your XDI Globe account. See your climate risk analysis results at a glance, from the big picture to the asset components.

Cross Dependency Portal

Identify shared risk between owned and critical upstream assets such as power supply or road access. Use cross dependency analysis to mitigate the risk of business disruption from transferred climate risk.

Single and Multi-Company TCFD Reporting

Extensive physical risk analysis on asset portfolios presented in line with leading practice on TCFD reporting, in keeping with EBRD, IIGCC and more.

Residential Mortgage Analyser

High level, aggregated climate risk analysis on a portfolio of residential mortgages.

XDI Products

XDI Platform enables standard reporting to meet the needs of diverse users. XDI Platform’s dynamic presentation of results is captured in a range of pdf documents suitable for internal or external distribution, presentation to management or embedding into wider company reporting. Our standard reports are ‘off the shelf’ purchases, designed as an alternative to more detailed and time consuming bespoke analysis.  From asset level adaptation, through TCFD Physical Risk, to investment level aggegated company intelligence, XDI reporting gives you the data you need quickly and cost effectively. 


Sophisticated Analysis, Simple Reporting

Computational power, with simple outputs to inform decisions. From 1,500 terabytes of climate data to a single Net Present Value. From hundreds of flood maps to the number of your customers at risk.

Portfolio Stress Testing, One Asset at a Time

Risk engines purpose built for utilities with massive asset numbers, from 15 to 15 million. Asset level analysis down to component elements.

Investment Grade Results

Hard science, engineering and financial data give you robust and defensible numbers for real decisions, from due diligence to an investment business case.

High Resolution Data

5x5m flooding, 10x10km dynamic climate downscaling, single year time steps. Sub-asset element diagnostics to pinpoint failure modes.

Multiple Climate Scenarios

Multiple climate modeler outputs from the global CORDEX and multiple sea level rise projections. Scenario selection can be optimised by the system or manual.

Cross Dependency and Supply Chain Risk

Risk analysis on critical supplies such as power, water and communications.

Software as a Service

Always on, always updated. The XDI Platform helps you visualise a future, show you how that future will change with your decisions, and plot progress as those decisions happen.

Patented Climate Risk Engines

Tried and tested since 2011. Used by Governments, utilities and corporations in Australia, Canada and UK.

Award winning analysis

XDI Platform Users