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Compound Costs: How climate change is damaging Australia's economy

THE VALUE OF Australian property is predicted to fall dramatically unless urgent steps are taken to address climate change, according to a new report from the Climate Council.

“Modelling undertaken by XDI estimates that the annual average cost of damage from extreme weather and climate hazards to properties will rise to $85 billion in 2030, $91 billion in 2050 and $117 billion in 2100″

Climate Change Risks to Australia’s Built Environment: A Second Pass Assessment

October 2019: This report analyses climate risk to all 544 local government areas in Australia, assessing five hazards impacts to 15 million addresses.

The report names the top ten municipalities most in need of climate change adaptation according to four key indicators including annual average losses from damage and number of “High Risk Properties”, determined in line with US Federal Emergency Management Agency classifications

Australian Supermarket Chains Climate Risk Analysis

State of Assets Resilience (SOAR) Report: 

Australian Supermarket Chains Climate Risk Analysis

Could Australia Have a Cape Town Day Zero?

Could an Australian city run out of water? In fact Australia has already had its own Day Zero, which occurred almost without warning on Christmas day 1974.  Darwin’s Cyclone Tracy decimated the city, but it critically impacted…

XDI Sydney: Integrated Infrastructure Analysis for Australia’s Largest City

Sydney will experience significant growth over the next 20 years. This growth, combined with other challenges facing the city, will mean intensifying pressure on infrastructure and other resources to provide…

AdaptWater: Utility Scale Asset Management

Sydney Water manages one of the largest urban water supply systems in the world; approximately 5 million people depend on it